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What if...Brian Blessed was the next Doctor? - Journeys through Time and Space on Crack
Unusual and satisfying Doctor Who fanfic!
What if...Brian Blessed was the next Doctor?
Title: A Different Doctor
Rating: 15
Summary: Martha meets The Doctor but he's regenerated since they last saw each other
Disclaimer: Not mine
Which Doctor: Brian Blessed, not an official one

Martha could hear the unmistakable whirring, thumping sound of the TARDIS rematerializing. The Doctor was returning and close by. That special frission of excitement ran up her spine as she ran towards where the sound was coming from. Her mind was racing. The Doctor was needed here and she was always happy to see him again, that gleam of boyish mischief in his eye, that enthusiasm for life and eagerness for adventure. Martha rounded a corner tightly, lost in a whirl of thoughts and nearly barrelled straight into a man striding in the other direction.
"Sorry about that, I'll pay more attention next time" she said moving to go past him.
"Martha!" he boomed raising his arms. Martha stopped and cast a wary glance around.
"Who are you? How do you know me?" she asked wondering who this strange man was.
"It's Me! I'm The Doctor!" intoned the large, stout man taking a step forwards.
"The Doctor? How?" asked Martha matching the man with a step back.
"Oh! That's Right! You weren't around last time I regenerated! Well, I had a spot of bother, But I'm Fine Now!" said The Doctor.
"Regenerate? Oh you mean that bit where you change into someone else?" asked Martha comprehension dawning on her.
"Yes! That's It! Only I'm not someone else, I'm Still Me!" There was muffled electronic cries of
<Locate The Earth Woman!>
<I Obey!> Martha turned around and peered around the corner.
"They're closer then I would have liked"
<Earth Woman Located!>
"Oops! Doctor, there are Daleks here. Two of them just appeared before me earlier"
"Daleks! Do they still look like Novelty Pepper pots? Splendid! Let's Go Sort Them Out!" and with that The Doctor walked around the corner.
<Halt! Do Not Move!> demanded one of the Daleks. The Doctor put his hand inside his jacket and it came out brandishing his sonic screwdriver. It lit up for a second then went out again.
"Oh Dear! No Batteries!"
<You Are The Doctor!> He turned on his heel and took off round the corner and past Martha.
"Time For A Spot Of Running!" he shouted.
<Exterminate The Doctor!>
<Exterminate!> agreed the Daleks. Martha followed The Doctor as they rounded a corner and the TARDIS came into view. She felt relief seeing the certain safety that the blue box gave. The Doctor had the door open by now and she put that extra bit of speed on and got inside before the Daleks could get a bead on her. The Doctor shut the door and they were safe.
Martha took a moment to look at the man who was the Doctor now as he went about the TARDIS. He was now quite stout with an impressively bushy beard that hid his neck from view and he still wore a suit though it was much darker in tone and the favoured battered off white running shoes had been replaced by a pair of well shined black shoes.
"How to fix them?" he mused stroking his beard.
"I've got it!" he said waving his arms around excitedly and ducked below the control panel. There was the sounds of metal clinking and stuff being rummaged through.
<Exterminate The Doctor!>
<Exterminate!> came the frustrated cries of the Daleks from outside.
"Good Luck! You're not getting in" announced the Doctor pausing in his work. He soon emerged clutching what looked like two fist sized wireframe pyramids.
"How are they going to help?" asked Martha.
"Super-conductive polymers arranged to form a multi-directional structure to maximise attractiveness to atmospheric ionising effects." offered up the Doctor as way of explanation.
"Huh?" said Martha clearly not following.
"Lighting conductors!" said the Doctor waving them about a bit and smiling.
"But there's no storm clouds around just regular ones"
"Not yet" said the Doctor grinning putting the lighting conductors down on the console.
"First we need to recharge the screwdriver" and he pulled it out of his inside jacket pocket, flipping up a port cover of some kind on the console he plugged it in then punched a couple of keys. He pulled it out a few seconds later, putting it back in his jacket pocket. Then he started working the controls and the TARDIS made it's whirring thumping sound for a few seconds and stopped. The Doctor strode over to the doors.
"Bring those over here" he beckoned. Martha grabbed them both and took them over.
"So where are we now?" asked Martha. The Doctor raised a finger to his lips and pushed the doors open. Peering out Martha saw the tops of buildings, clouds and sky. She held back her questions since the Doctor wanted silence and looked around more for some clues. She found them when she looked down as they were now above the Daleks. The Doctor took one of the lightening conductors from her. He held it outside the doors and retrieving his screwdriver with his other hand proceeded to change the conductor in some way then let it fall. It fell and attached itself to the Dalek's head. The Doctor took the other conductor from Martha, repeating the same procedure and it attached itself to the other Dalek's head.
The Daleks raised their eyestalks upwards to investigate source of the object that attached itself to their heads.
<There Is The Blue Box. Objects Likely Are The Work Of The Doctor!>
<Remove Object From Dome!>
<I Obey!> said the Dalek moving around the other to get a good view of the object. It extended its plunger and pushed the object with no effect.
<Object Appears Magnetised. Electrify Armour!>
The Doctor went back to the console and began working various controls. Martha watched as the buildings dropped away out of sight and they soared up through the clouds and then emerged from the top of them. The Doctor came striding over to the doorway brandishing the screwdriver.
"How are you going to make it lightening?" asked Martha.
"By exciting the water droplets at top of the cloud to a higher valance band so the cloud's charge differential reaches critical mass." said the Doctor aiming the Sonic Screwdriver at the cloud. Martha noticed the off white cloud gradually darken.
"That should do it!" exclaimed the Doctor putting the screwdriver away as the cloud grew into a thick charcoal grey. He strode back to the console working it as the TARDIS flew down around the recently converted thunder cloud as a loud clap of thunder sounded.
One of the lightening conductor pyramids lay on the floor next to one of the Daleks.
<Operation Successful! Electrify Armour For Ten Rells!> commanded the unencumbered Dalek. The other Dalek didn't get a chance to reply as a bolt of lightning struck it and the upper half of the unfortunate Dalek exploded. Upon seeing this the other Dalek took drastic measures.
<Initializing EMERGENCY TEMPORAL SHIFT!> it declared, blurred for a few moments then popped out of sight.
Martha stood in the door way of the TARDIS.
"Thanks for all your help again Doctor. I know you're still you though this changing faces thing still takes some getting used to." said Martha.
"Glad to be of help! Say Hello to UNIT for me!"
"Okay, bye Doctor!" said Martha stepping into the street. The Doctor snapped his fingers and the doors shut and soon the TARDIS disappeared from view.
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